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Welcome to the Operations and Maintenance Website.4

Welcome to the Operations and Maintenance Website.   We are a proud team of facility maintainers and cleaners who recognize that success in the classroom starts with a well maintained and cleaned school.  

Our custodial maintenance staff includes 19 custodians and 2 maintenance men and a termporary groundskeeper.  One of our elementary facilities is cleaned each day by 3 employees of Grand Rapids Building Service. 

Emergency Assistance is available AT ANY TIME by contacting our Maintenance Office (989-466-7544), or the Maintenance Director at (989-388-2907) or Assistant Director at (989-388-3708)   Additional emergency service is available by contacting the City of Alma Police Department (911). 

Registered users needing to create a work order may click here Create a Work Order.   If you are not a registered user please contact Janah Aldrich (989-466-7544) who will input your request.

Please feel free to visit the entire web-site and should you have any questions please feel free to contact us